Saturday, November 13, 2010

Photo Update: Master's Project

I've been so busy taking out that Olive Tree and working on it, I'm a bit behind on posting my progress.  These shots are from much earlier in the year. 

The reason the Drafting Table was made was so that I could use it as a place to design the Master's Chest.

Here it is in use: 
You'll notice there is a wooden block at the top that I've added since I last took a picture of the drafting table.  This is a place to keep my drafting tools so that they are easy to grab as I need them. 

Be A Bob

Years ago when I was sitting in math class doing a whole lot of nothing my teacher had a poster on the wall that I remember clearly :

     Be A Lert , the world needs more Lerts

     I always thought it was funny and I have never forgotten it.

     Bob is my friend who graciously gave me the olive tree in his back yard that is supplying most of the lumber for my master's project. He also supplied the shovels, pick , rakes, tow chain, chainsaw (I have since bought my own) etc.Until he went in for eye surgery this 75yo man worked out there helping me dig, trim and so on.

     Now let me tell you, I'm 42 and have NO PROBLEM saying I'll work a 20-something guy into the dirt. But i gotta say this 75yo man with his 1920's work ethic put me to shame and outworked me till the day before surgery. He also managed to teach me a lot along the way. He did all this for nothing. It benefited him nothing. He is just that good of a guy.

     Moral?...while the world really does need more Lerts....Be a BOB, the world will never have enough


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