Sunday, September 30, 2012

Remember who your friends are

For those of you who have followed my blog you know who BOB is.

He is the guy who comes in the shop and helps out with decades of experience as a math professor and a couple decades beyond that as an all around good helper and handyman.  He is also the guy who gave me my tree to work on my masters project.  He has been a very good friend and one I am indebted to. 

With that said, I'm repaying debts. :)  Jan, Bobs wife isn't getting around as well anymore and needed a ramp on the back of the house. So, I made a materials list, Bob went shopping and I came over the next day.
8 hours and 2 pulled hamstrings later: Jan had a new ramp on the back of the house.

She had a new ramp that allows her to get into and out of the house on her own. Giving her back the  freedom she was missing.

After giving Jan back some freedom and crippling myself for three days, do I feel I'm 'even' with Bob?...not on your life! 

Beyond anything and everything Bob has done for me or I have done for him , or we will do for each other. - It doesn't matter.  We are friends and friends help each other, and if you cant rely on your friends to be there for you like this ... maybe you should find better friends. 

Start by Being A Bob.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heart-Shaped Musical Ring Box - Completed

and finally the reveal!!!

The project: a custom jewelry box to present a custom wedding ring!

Turned and carved out of Musical Grade Fiddleback Maple, hand rubbed with a white pearlesence, mechanically designed and created by me, and hand painted blue (interior) with a custom made glass post to hold the ring.  The Zip a Dee Do Dah music you are hearing in the beginning is the actual unaltered live sound.

Custom design and custom made!

Learn more about the process here:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Featured in an Etsy Treasury

It's always nice to get noticed: 


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Catching up with the Heart Shaped Box

Well, as this was a surprise..we've been careful to keep much of it off of the internet.

The piece is now complete and has been picked up.  So it's time to share!

So I'll go ahead and start adding the pictures now so everyone can see some of the process that went into this amazing piece.

The cylinders were turned on the lathe into heart shapes and then split back open.  Then they were first roughly carved out to remove more material before being carved smooth by hand.

The base of this is where all the mechanical magic happened. Lots of work went into that very small space. ..and I won't be showing all of that publicly. But you can see it getting dry rubbed with a pearlescent powder before it gets a finish.   More to follow!



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