Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mesquite ACEO cards SOLD and why I won't make more

So this is the set of 25 Mesquite ACEO cards.
These along with two sets of 5 cards have sold.
I've got a few more listed here and about 12 more that will be listed soon. And those will be the last of it.
Now they are obviously popular enough, they aren't even hard to make and I'm mostly using leftover materials from other jobs, so the expense can't be the problem.

Unless you count the damage they cost.
To explain, mesquite is problematic to work. On the table saw the smell is overwhelming. And it eats up a blade in no time. My clothes end up stinking and stained from the dust mesquite creates.
But the worst part was the fire. That's right, working a bit of mesquite nearly set fire to the shop.

After running some mesquite through the saw, I stopped to take a break and turned off the saw and the dust collector that was attached. As I sat there talking with a friend, we realized we smelled something still burning. At first we figured it was left over from the when the saw was running. But after a few moments it was getting worse and not better. Looking over we realized the dust collector was actually burning! We rushed over to put it out and ended up with a hole that has since been patched.
Apparently, as the mesquite was running through the saw, it was destroying a nearly new saw blade and throwing sparks. The sparks were sucked throught the duct work into the dust collector where they ignited the sawdust.

So, I'll be making other ACEO cards, but mesquite is off the list.

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