Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Just Sold

This cute little step stool is based off of a historical design. It’s perfect for getting you (or a child) that extra height for high shelves around the house or garage.

This one was made of Recycled Douglas Fir and hand-dyed a vibrant red.  We have four more of Cherry and Yellow Caribbean Pine in the shop.  

Like most of our items, these stools are handmade by me in small quantities in our woodshop. This piece combines a sturdy interlocking construction with splayed legs for an amazing amount of strength and stability.

Speaking of AMAZING STRENGTH AND STABILITY! You are seeing that right, 4 of these little guys are holding up an SUV! (Thank you, to Frank’s AutoService for helping get the SUV on the step stools.)

So, I sold this on Etsy and it's such a small world that the woman who bought it was able to come over and pick it up as she was just about 10mins away from the shop!

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