Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What some nice people have said on Etsy!

Maredyl says:
Got it yesterday,I love it. It is very very well made. I am impressed with the joinery. (Is that the right word?)It is the perfect size to keep in the kitchen and it is just nice to have such a well-made, handmade wooden piece instead of something plastic and made in China. Thank you, thank you!!!!!!
ciel04 says:
it is lovely, turned up quite quickly, and is the perfect present for my dad! thanks heaps
momoruth says:
love the wooden blanks..my atc's are special now..thank you...I will be promoting this shop at my workshop
momoruth says:
Love the wooden cards...hoping you have more
heidimiso says:
Absolutely lovely. Love the bloodwood grainlines, the inserted zebrawood hand, and it's the right length. I intend to use as well as admire. Very skillfully made.
wmarymargaret says:
Great cards. Quick shipping. Lots of thanks!!

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