Friday, March 9, 2012

Peanut butter and cheese whiz jars

For me the repurposing is as follows: I will be making an old time tool box tote, sized to hold 10 large peanut butter jars (2 rows of 5).  These will be used to hold all of my various sized dowels.  Maybe even some biscuits, if I ever decide to get that technologically advanced. 

I use aniline dyes.  In my opinion there’s nothing better, but that’s for another blog.  My problem is, that they keep changing the packaging.  Making it impossible to make one storage device to hold all of the dyes.  So my fix is Cheez Whiz jars.   I’m glad I love the stuff.  They come with a rubber gasket and are made of glass, making them both clear and air tight. 

Where do ideas like this come from?
My grandfather used to have hundreds of baby food jars nailed to the underside of 2x4s all over the garage.  They were filled with nuts, bolts, this and thats.  Why is it that our grandfolks would repurpose everything and never throw anything away.  But we seem to think that I would have to go buy special jars to hold all of these things, instead of simply using what the grocery store was kind enough to give me along with the food I paid for.  This is one of the many lessons I learned from my grandfolks.  Hopefully some of you out there are young enough to learn the lesson from me.  Yeah trash is trash, but there’ s no reason to throw away perfectly good stuff just because “it has the wrong name painted on it”.  

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