Thursday, February 4, 2010

More about the Master's Project

I recently got a question about my Master's Project. So, I wanted to clarify a little bit.

Its for a Masters Appointment. This is "the light at the end of the tunnel".

18 yrs ago I met "my" master, Carl ( now deceased) who started me on this path. He was a certified master Coo coo Clock maker from the olde world, indentured servant school of learning. I have done my best to follow the system he laid out for me all those years ago & now it has come time to build my Masters Project.

When I am done it will be presented to a couple of recognized standing masters ( I am fortunate enough to know 1 personally & have met & made arrangements with 2 others).

If I get 1 nod of approval I'm a master in standing next to them - if not , I never will be. Its a make or break all test. If I pass this final test I believe I will be the first such appointed master since WWII.

My time is running out - the only CERTIFIED master I know is in his early 90's, if I don't do this soon the opportunity simply wont exist anymore to be passed on to anyone. In a sentence : I'm struggling to preserve an extinct tradition.

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