Thursday, February 4, 2010

What I'm working on

Well work is moving along this week.

I've got a few trophy jobs in house - and thankfully the rain is holding off so I can get a finish on them.

In the meantime I've finished another cane:

The mesquite, a rich brown wood, runs all the way through the walking stick to ensure stability and strength.

The bloodwood and fiddle back maple serve as a vibrant contrasting accent at the knob.

The pictures just don't do this beautiful item justice. The true colors are deep and rich with a wonderfully polished gleam.

Includes a non-slip rubber tip at the end that has been installed.

It stands a approximately 33inches.

I'm also still working on some of the Heart Shaped jewelry boxes (see finished one here).

Here are two that haven't had the silver started on them, but that have been cut down and turned into a rough shape. Those odd ends are to for putting it on the lathe.

It's hard to imagine that something like that comes from something like this rough manzanita block.

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