Friday, August 20, 2010


I was just watching a video on U-tube where someone was SHOWING how the secret compartments they had made worked. To say the least I found this appalling. They are called secrets for a reason! Am I upset because he is giving away trade secrets? Eh - whatever.

What I am upset about is that someone commissioned the piece to be made in good faith in order to hide something. If they choose to tell about their piece  - so be it. But for a furniture maker to be telling how & where & TO WHOM he sold this secret compartment is appalling.

For thousands of years before banks were commonly available it was the furniture makers job to make secret compartments to hide valuables in. Most often if someone could afford to commission a piece of quality - they could also afford your head in a ditch. Hence the tradition of keeping secrets was founded and enforced with a furniture maker until it became a point of swelling pride.

Then some yahoo (who does BEAUTIFUL work BTW) goes and puts it on U-tube for the world to know  not only who to rob...but how to open the compartments and where to find them!.....even worse some other country with cheap labor will steal his ideas (since he showed in great detail how the system worked) and mass produce them at 25% of his cost.
How does someone so talented make such a dumb mistake?

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