Wednesday, August 18, 2010


    We all like receiving trophies. I make a lot of them for customers. But, like many I don't receive many myself.

     Today I received one of the best I have ever been awarded.

     Back up one year. My daughter's friend from High School was working on his Eagle Scout award.
He was to make a podium for the High School wrestling team.  One of the types that has a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd award levels.  He asked if I could provide (donate) the shop for him to build it and offer some advice on construction methods.  To which I agreed (what kind of a schmuck wouldn't?)   He came over a few days later and built the podium to the concept of a kit.  (Part of it he had to instruct younger scouts to finish the project, this is a leadership award after all).

     That was a year ago (+) and I haven't thought about it much since.

     Today he came back around saying he had been accepted to a prestigious college.  Letting it be known that it was in no small part due to his Eagle Scout award as his grades weren't all that good. What he brought with him was a thank you card. Written by his own hand.

And there you have it - MY TROPHY. A hand written thank you.  By a 18yr old boy turning into a fine man.

This card will be hung in my shop to remind me that while cash for a job well done may be nice (And a necessity of life) sometimes there are payments that are worth so much more.

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