Thursday, June 14, 2012

Square Pegs into Round Holes

Nature VS. nurture?....That's the time old question isn't it? Well I believe BOTH...but not in the traditional manor.

I believe that a normal healthy mind is capable of ALL things at conception....natures bounty if you will.
Then we nurture it into oblivion! The only thing that stops this is the individuals personal desires.

Case in point:
When I was in preschool, at about 4yrs old, I was told it wasn't possible to put the square peg in the round hole in that little toy with all the shapes (shape sorter?) - I STRONGLY DISAGREED - I got in trouble with the teacher.... In those days they were made of wood LOL (yeah I'm are most are you so give me a break LOL).  Then at recess they gave me the shape sorter...and a small ball peen hammer (metal) I spent all recess diligently working with small taps and put the square peg into the round hole. I was VERY proud of myself!  I had proven my point!  Again, I got into trouble....with the teacher, principal and MOM (she had to pay for it LOL).

I don't believe anything is impossible. -I- may not be able to do it. -You- may not be able to do it., but somewhere at some point in time someone was able, can now  or will be able to do it simple because someone said "YOU CAN'T".

Today almost 40yrs later I've
 almost perfected putting square pegs into round holes as represented in my furniture produced. My mother seemed disappointed when I told her about it yrs ago....I guess my nature was stronger than my surrounding nurture. 

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