Friday, June 29, 2012

Update on the Heart Shaped Music Box

Remember that really great project we are working on: Heart Shaped Music Box ...
Well I've been plugging away on it and finally have some time to give a small update here.

After working on getting the shape on the lathe with tools, there's a need to get it nice and smooth.  The easiest way it to leave it on the lathe and use sandpaper.

I'll tell you though, that sandpaper gets pretty hot in your hands.  So it's a lot faster sanding this way, but it means you have to stop and blow on your fingers a lot!    You may also notice I was able to make another smaller heart at the base of the larger one.  It just seemed like it was worth a shot instead of losing so much of that beautiful figured maple.  Of the 4 cylinders I was able to make 3 small hearts - the forth having shattered.

Here it is split. 
You'll see the paper that was put between makes a nice clean place for the glue to split back open without losing any of the wood.  And we are starting to see that heart shape.  

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