Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Other Side to the Business

We mostly build custom furniture.  Often that is big heavy wood items.  It means the shop is full of heavy dirty machinery.  We'll have colleagues and vendors stop by and generally they are male.  It's not uncommon for the Barefoot Woodworker to call the shop a "Man Cave".  So as the female half of the business, it's sometimes a bit difficult to find my place in the testosterone haze.  

But recently I found a few crafty projects I wanted done.  We discussed the idea of expanding what we offer at the local craft fairs.  I figured he could make me a few things and I'd stick to taking the pictures and working on selling them.  But when I approached Barefoot with the idea, he saw an opportunity for me to come in and get some practice on the machines.  He also saw an opportunity for him to get even and take some pictures of me working in the shop.  So in the interest of fairness (which is more because he insisted) here are a few shots of me working on a couple sets of the Mushroom Bowling pins.  Available soon!

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