Monday, January 25, 2010

Craft Show and Sightings

This past weekend the Craft Association (CHA) held the Super Show in Anaheim. That local we had to check it out. There were hopes there would be woodworking.

Unfortunately, the closest we came to seeing woodwork was the wood some of the stamps were mounted on.

On the good side, the trip earned me much needed points with the scrapbooking girlfriend. And we stumbled upon the end of a "Paint with Wyland" event.

As the crowd had dissipated, and all the scrapbookers were off looking for more deals, I had an opportunity to talk with Wyland for a few moments. He was gracious and friendly. Shortly after we left the event.

As we walked through the convention center, suddenly he was behind us. And we walked and talked about art and doing good with your art when you can and the like, all the way to the far parking lot. Apparently, he didn't get great parking either.

Walked away knowing the whenever his name comes up in conversation, I'll always say that the colors of his paintings pale in comparison to the personality of the man.

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