Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I'm working on

Two wooden walking canes. I've created these to be a very rare His and Her set of hand-turned wooden walking canes.

The exotic Bloodwood, a dark red wood from South America, runs all the way through both of the walking sticks to ensure stability and strength. The Lacewood serves as a vibrant accent at the knobs of each. The black point on each knob is Solid Ebony. Not a veneer.

They are finished with precatalised lacquer which is much more durable that the typical lacquer you would find on furniture...its been used to get those durable & beautiful finishes on rifle stocks for decades but has only become available to the public in the last 4 yrs & only available even to industry (other than rifle makers) for the last 6-7 yrs.

The pictures just don't do these beautiful items justice. The true colors are deep and rich.

I included a non-slip rubber tip installed at the ends.

The female of the set stands a approximately 32 1/2" inches with a delicate knob. The male of the set is the taller at almost 34" with a larger knob.

These are the third and fourth of a series of bloodwood canes. All four of this series can be seen here:

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